My new find in the doll world!

After a series of unfortunate events occurring over the past few weeks, I decided to do some retail therapy to help cheer myself up! 🙂 And so began again my never ending quest into the world of dolls. Ever searching, ever longing for that perfect doll baby that reminds me of my own real baby at various ages and stages of her life. This time, my path veered off from my beloved cloth Waldorf dolls as I stumbled upon unknown territory that can only be described as Wood dolls! To my excitement I found one that captured my heart as it reminded me of my sleeping newborn, Sara Rose, during her first photoshoot with my talented friend Solveig Boergen of Star Photography.

Pongratz Wood doll baby Newborn Sara Rose

“How can something so simple in form be so complex in depth?

Elisabeth hails from a time and culture where children weren’t showered with new dolls every year: they had one doll – one precious friend – to play with throughout their childhood and beyond. Guided by this philosophy, Elizabeth creates her dolls to stand the test of time. Pongratz dolls are meant to be held, played with and cherished for a lifetime. 

When an artist creates with wood, the results are phenomenal. We love the way wood feels, the beauty of its grain, the rich finishes and the unique and telling manner in which it ages. Over the years the wood matures and takes on a distinct look as it reveals your gentle, loving touch.

But wood is a demanding medium. In today’s world, it is rare to find a fine doll artist working in wood and thus their dolls are held in high esteem. Elisabeth Pongratz has brought us her fine dolls from wood for over thirty years. Her design is so perfect that they are fundamentally unchanged since their inception.

Dolls That Speak From The Heart

Inspired by the Munich Art Doll movement of the early 20th century, Elisabeth’s dolls are delicately handcarved and hand-painted in a simplistic fashion – very similar to dolls by Sasha Morgenthaler and Kathe Kruse – with a sweetness that tugs at your heart. The all-wood dolls are fully jointed using a unique spring mechanism specially designed by Elisabeth and her husband, Wolf. Her soft-bodied babies are filled with sand for a sturdy yet cuddly feel. Because of their handcrafted nature, a very small number of dolls are created each year. Elisabeth Pongratz dolls speak from the heart.”

~The Toy Shoppe

I couldn’t have said it better myself! ((LOVE)) I am so excited about my (I mean Sara’s) new doll arriving! hehe It is the perfect way to brighten my day as my delightful hobby of doll collecting continues. Yay!

3 thoughts on “My new find in the doll world!

  1. You have been able to find the most remarkable dolls Angela! I can’t wait to see them all up close and personal. I know this well be a life time passion as me and your Grandma Nelson both still collect dolls. I finally have a china closet that I keep my little African American dolls and Angel dolls in. Inspired by you and Christopher.Of course I have many more also inspired by Sharla and Mayleea and now my grandbabies. Love you xoxo Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom! I am just afraid the Bud Meister Waldorf doll I gave you might take up all the space in your china closet! He sure is a big boy, isn’t he! 😉

    I love collecting dolls just like you and Grandma Nelson before me! The more I get, the more I want. I guess that is the sign that I am a true collector now. You are right that it’s looking to be a lifelong passion for me too. I bought Sara’s first Waldorf doll to give her when she was only 6 months old and never looked back! 😉

    I will write about that first ever doll of hers soon too so be on the lookout for the next episode. hehe

    Love ya and miss ya tons…xoxo

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