Sara Rose’s Christmas doll

December 25, 2012 was Sara Rose’s very first Christmas! She truly is a little angel and I wanted her to have a matching angel doll for her 1st Christmas gift and keepsake of this momentous occasion! Again, I called upon Jenn of Lali Doll Nursery to turn my vision into a reality as only she could do so brilliantly!

Well, see for yourself in this picture that is worth a thousands words! 🙂Image

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how powerful and inspiring this video(!) featuring two different pictures of Sara Rose and her Lali dolls:

Peace, joy and love always from me and mine to you and yours. xoxo

One thought on “Sara Rose’s Christmas doll

  1. Angela I love the design of your page. Today I’ll have Christopher teach me how to post pictures.As Sara and you love dolls you know that my favorite collection is my various doll collections. I love Bud Meister that you sent me. he sits right now in the living room at the top of the bookshelf overlooking all our comings and goings. I hope you post again soon I’ll be waiting to follow you. Have a Great day.Love Mom

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