Mother’s Day doll for my doll

Another special occasion calls for another special Waldorf doll. Or so it goes in our household ever since Sara Rose was born. 🙂 Mother’s Day on May 12, 2013 was no exception and a new doll all the way from Germany arrived just on time!

We spent a lovely, sunny afternoon at a local park here in Japan. Sara Rose eventually got tired of running around and having her picture taken and took a nap in her stroller with her brand, new doll for comfort. It was oh so sweet!

I really adore this more traditional type of Waldorf doll made by Maria of Mariengold in Berlin, Germany. It is more flexible, bendable and lightweight than our other dolls. Her hair is super soft and well attached too. I just love how this doll feels in my hands! It’s a bit hard to describe so you’ll just have to see for yourself by either visiting us or purchasing one of your own! hehe

“Another day another!)” as the saying goes…

You can see more photos of this incredible doll named “Pekka” by scrolling through Mariengold’s flickr page here.

I am in awe of all the beautiful, handmade outfits she came with! I chose this particular doll because she really reminded me of how my baby Sara Rose looked like as a newborn with her full head of messy hair and slightly reddish (akachan) skin tone! 😉

Doll collecting is just so much fun! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day doll for my doll

    • Yes it’s true mom, your doll collection really inspired me to start one of my own after having Sara Rose. I remember your special dolls in the glass cabinet when I was a kid and only on very rare occasions would I get to hold them. My absolute favorite was a cute, little Native American doll with fur clothes that were so soft and fluffy to the touch. 🙂

      I also remember Grandma Nelson’s doll collection in a special room that I only ever got to go in once or twice when I was little. I got the feeling at a young age that some dolls were very mysterious and special since they weren’t so readily available to touch and see.

      I also think that is also why Sara Rose formed such a close attachment to dad’s Old Horsey! I told her each time I took it down for her to hold that it was very special and old and she must be gentle with it. We kept him up high in a glass cabinet for protection as he is in such a shabby old shape, pretty much nearly falling apart actually! I would only let Sara play with it when she was being a very good girl. It really seemed like she wanted to protect Old Horsey. Oh how she loved him so and didn’t want to let him go! Separating them just really broke my heart….xoxo

  1. I love the updates to your page. I especially like the picture of you in your Native dress. I am going to explore your other pages now. I know its hard to keep up when you have a toddler running around but hope you have time for updates now and then. Love Mom

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